Let’s Hear It For Breakfast!

Have you seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt yet? I really loved it. It’s on Netflix, give it a go. A few catchphrases from the show caught my attention, and I decided to make a free cross stitch chart from one of them for you. I know, I’m too good to you. Let’s hear it for breakfast! […]

Free Cross Stitch Charts

I inadvertently marked my free cross stitch chart downloads as out of stock a little while ago, but I’ve just made them available again. This little Easter bunny was the first free chart I produced but I’ve since added a Great British Bake Off inspired sampler and a little Halloween pumpkin. I should really add […]


Image from Knowledge Computing Did you know that on the 1st January 2015 there are changes to the VAT laws within the EU which are going to cripple small businesses who sell e-services? No, of course you didn’t, because they’ve seemingly been rushed through and no one had heard anything about them until last month. […]