Deal Of The Day

Today, I’m offering Shawlands lovers a treat – this hand-stitched banner is down to just £5. There’s only one, so you can snap it up here. Oh, yeah, one thing I am excited about currently is that I am going to be closing The Bellwether (lolz, again) for good this time at the end of […]

Discounted Kits

  Yay! Free badge day was fun and lots of badges are now being packaged up and winging their way all over the world soon. Please allow up to a couple of weeks for delivery, though it’s likely to be a lot sooner. The next step in the grand festival of fun that is The […]

A New Dawn

A huddled heap of damp misery – that’s basically been business me until I reached my decision about closing The Bellwether. It was also poor Max last week at the dog launderette. Cute but fearful.And now, yay, joyful (and in the case of Max, not stinking like a stagnant pond). I feel 1000% better about everything since […]

Easter Savings

With the Easter weekend fast-approaching, it’s the perfect time to get together with loved ones and share some quality time. It’s also the perfect time for being off work, eating a giant Lindor bunny and binge-watching Netflix. If you’d like a break from all of that, you can snag 30% off at The Bellwether until […]

Honest Business – Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Image by Canvas Flair. One of the things that I used to get asked a lot is “when are you giving up the day job?”. I suppose it’s natural for people to look at me and my business and wonder why after over 10 years, I still haven’t gone full time. There’s a simple answer […]

Honest Business – Returning To My Nemesis

I have expounded at great length in the past about why I fell out of love with Etsy. You’re probably sick of me talking about it by now. Perhaps you see my name or twitter handle and think, oh, her, the one who hates Etsy. I wouldn’t blame you, because it’s pretty much been my nemesis […]

Really Last Minute Gifts

Still not done with your Christmas shopping? Here’s a couple of last minute ideas. Lucky Dip Club Imagine getting a wee box full of surprise gifts through the post every month – imagine no more, for that’s exactly what Lucky Dip Club is – a box of delights around a different theme through your letterbox […]


Image from Knowledge Computing Did you know that on the 1st January 2015 there are changes to the VAT laws within the EU which are going to cripple small businesses who sell e-services? No, of course you didn’t, because they’ve seemingly been rushed through and no one had heard anything about them until last month. […]

You Know It’s Christmas When…

You have a customer who bought something last night and emailed this morning to ask why it hasn’t arrived yet. You’re at a craft fair opposite a stall full of shit upcycled Santas made out of toilet rolls and leather offcuts and they’re selling tons and no one is buying your lovingly handcrafted design-led wares. Your customer wants […]

My Funny Valentine

Running an indie business isn’t at all what you’d think. It’s not all long lunches browsing through the Toast catalogue and eating homemade kale chips. In fact, in my case, it’s not any of that at all (kale chips sound like my idea of hell). It’s a rollercoaster, of both fortune and emotions, and one […]