Hello, I’m Claire Brown, a creative type based on Scotland’s Clyde Coast.

When I’m not busy designing and making for my cross stitch homewares business The Bellwether (formerly known as Miso Funky), I also work full-time in broadcasting.

I have a very nice husband and a very large dog and I mostly write about craft, indie business, travel, food and things that generally take my fancy. It’s an eclectic mix.

In my spare time, I like to correct other people’s grammar, take photos of my dinner and post them on the internet and daydream about where I’d travel if I won the lottery. I like being in water and have lots of ideas that will never see the light of day but would definitely be a winner on Dragon’s Den.

You can contact me at hello@thebellwether.co.uk or follow me on Instagram: @tinyotterpaws for instant gratification.


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