So, we have moved, mostly. We are doing it somewhat gradually, with a lot of stuff here, but not in place yet, as it transpires that some of my lovely vintage finds are just not going to fit into our new space, either lookswise or spacewise. To that end, I posted a few photos of some furniture I’m looking to offload on social media earlier today and got quite a vehement response!

I know I am pretty much renowned for giving stuff away, but as I need to buy replacement furniture, these guys will have to be sold. I don’t really know what to charge for them, so I thought, as people are so keen on them, I’d let them make an offer. Is that you? Just email me at, I’ll collate all the offers and then contact the lucky winner. Think of it as eBay but without any of the faffing or stress. Please use the bold title in the email subject line.

Vintage wooden wall-hanging hall stand. This was actually a gift years ago from a friend’s mum and I really am swithering over whether to rehome it as I do love it. But it’s just not got a place in our new home. It’s about 2.5 foot tall and has a wee ledge at the top, the original mirror and there is a flip-top drawer at the bottom. It’s great for keeping your keys safe and lived by our front door for years.

Mid-century modern sideboard – this is by Beautility.It’s in pretty good condition except that one of the handles came off – it has been glued back on. The right-hand door is a little less secure than the left, but both open and close properly. This is a real wrench to let go of, but it’s just too big for my living room. It’s about 8ft long, so is quite a big piece!


Vintage corduroy covered chair – I bought this from an antiques shop years ago intending to recover it – I never did, natch. It’s pretty comfy, needs a little TLC but is in fairly good nick.


Wee wooden cabinet – check those pigeon holes! I again bought this years ago and it has served me well as a medicine/bathroom cabinet for ages. It just doesn’t go in my house now. It’s about 2ft tall maybe – medicine cabinet sized! Has wee holes at back for wall-mounting.



If you’re into instagram, I’m also looking to sell a bunch of vintage tins, urns and some stationery – my username is @tinyotterpaws. Look me up!

All of these furniture items would need to be collected from me in Bishopton or we could arrange a hook up (or you could send a courier).

Let me know if you have any questions about anything! Back to unpacking now.


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