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Snow Joke


The view from the kitchen last night, just before bed – it had doubled by this morning. Just in time for me to go to work – bah!

We’re forecast for snow for most of this coming week – which is unfortunate timing for me again, because I’ll be in London all week for work. I have a love/hate relationship with London – from a distance, it looks like fun, but in reality, I’m always overcome with how rude people are, how busy everything is and how many germs there are – I always get ill when I come back! This time though, I’ve had my cold already, so hopefully, I’ll escape it.

Looking forwards to – seeing my friend Jane for drinks and a catch up, a flying visit to Top Drawer and meeting some work colleagues I have only emailed with before.

Not looking forwards to – eating at the Premier Inn, the Tube, astronomical prices for basic items, missing playing in the snow with Lee and Max.

I think I have one free evening on Tuesday – any London must-sees?


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