Hoppy New Ears



Happy new year! We’re already a week in, time is flying past. I had the foresight to take the first week of the year off, so I’ve been enjoying all the moaning on Twitter, etc of people struggling to get back into their routines, whilst I lounge in bed, eating leftover selection boxes and mainlining Netflix (it helps that I have a horrible  cold). Here are some of my festive highlights:



Not quite a white Christmas day, but we did have some snow. It was pretty icy cold and we got through a lot of wood on the old stove.


Turkey and ham pie made with the leftovers from Christmas dinner – delicious.



Christmas wrapping is something I always enjoy, especially when it’s with recipient-appropriate tags (a gift for my friend who owns post offices).


A very special gift from Lee which I am looking forwards to using.


Even Max had plenty of gifts to open, including this monkey, one of his favourites.


He didn’t get to even put his noggin on this awesome cushion though.


Found these nativity ducks in America!


The traditional viewing of Elf was accompanied this year by homemade eggnog that Lee made.

Boxing Day snacking.


Then putting all the decorations away until next time.



And spending New Year indoors on the sofa, under a blanket, scoffing chipolatas and watching shit telly. New year’s day dinner was the traditional steak pie, neeps, tatties and Irn Bru. Braw.

Today, my new year’s gift to myself arrived…


I haven’t had a new laptop in about 7 years and my little netbook died last year, so it was time to let this guy into my life. Yay!


4 thoughts on “Hoppy New Ears”

  1. A very succinct festive round up and pretty much mirrors my own! It’s a bit sad when all the decs come down and I’m always somewhat dismayed at how much longer it takes to put Christmas BACK INTO the box.

    We are STILL eating leftovers….tonight’s offering will be turkey & stuffing pizza, just as soon as I can be bothered making the dough. I may even use my posh new mixery-processory thingy (Santa got me that in place of laptop wot you got).

      1. Haha! We still have some cola ham, a few bits of turkey, a dod of as yet uncooked stuffing, some garlic & rosemary roasties and some honey-glazed carrots & parsnips loitering in the freezer.
        I started taking a photo of every meal involving crimbo leftovers, the kids & OH think it’s hilarious but I’m now planning a “The 12 Days of Christmas (Dinner) ” minibook. Cos I’m a saddo.

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