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Review: Sewing With Letters

CALLING ALL TYPE FANS! In my parcel of booky loveliness from Ivy Press, I was rather pleased to find this tome by Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate – Sewing With Letters.



My first thought obviously was ‘I’d never have the patience to knit the jumper big enough to fit my dog,’ but I quickly got over that and plunged right in.

There are some lovely projects in this book, but I’d say they are geared towards those with slightly more experience – you wouldn’t want to jump cold into these bad boys.

photo 1


I really liked this washbag project using the Futura font – so simple and stylish. Reminds me of Jonathan Adler.



I also love the Santa Fe font, and this calligraphic table runner would be super-styling in a contemporary kitchen. I really want to have a go at calligraphy again, I used to be right into it when I was a kid.



No craft book is complete without a project to make a doorstop, let’s face it – the obligatory one here is pretty cool though, and again, very much geared towards a contemporary home where the occupants are dressed in Toast and reading the Observer Food Monthly.

There are a bunch of templates at the back of book that you can enlarge to use for some of the projects, with instructions on what percentage to enlarge them by. I’d find this a bit of a faff, I think, so I probably wouldn’t tackle any of these ones, if I am being brutally honest.

photo 2


Overall though, it’s a pretty good collection of more difficult projects and again, you can see repeat makes in there. I particularly like that each font that is used has a wee history of it beside it – educational AND fun!

You can find this book on Amazon here.

Thanks to Ivy Press for supplying me with books for free. This is totally my own opinion, by the way. And that’s not an affiliate link, so there.


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