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Review: Sew Quick Sew Cute



I was recently sent a lovely parcel of books from Ivy Press to read and review and to my dismay, I am only just getting the chance to write up my findings! It’s been rather a hectic time, but I’ve loved flicking through these crafty tomes and found myself inspired to make things for my actual self, which is no mean feat these days, I can tell you.

First up is Sew Quick Sew Cute by Fiona Goble. Featuring 30 projects which promise to be both simple and speedy, it’s already appealing to me and my limited attention span. The introduction is a little bit sketchy – for example the “buying a sewing machine” bit pretty much just says “buy a mid-priced one” which is a bit of a general statement! However, I do realise that this part of the book is kind of a necessary evil and not one that most people would actually bother to read. No one buys this sort of book for a list of things they should buy to equip a sewing basket, for example – they are all about the projects.

So, how about those projects? Well, I haven’t had time to make anything out of the book myself yet, but it’s a good sign for me that I fully intend to! The one thing that really struck me about this book straight away from first flickage, is that there are loads of great projects that I can totally see being go-to makes for gifts.

photo 1


This Valentine envelope project looks super-easy and would be great for all kinds of gifts, all year round.

photo 2


And a tablet case would make a great gift for so many people – Mum, I am looking at your birthday here (she won’t read this, don’t worry!).

I also really like the illustrated step-by-step instructions, which give a nice tone to the whole book:



Is it weird for a book to give you a feeling of serene calm? Somehow, this does inspire you with the confidence that it will all turn out well. I am not sure how, but hats off to you, Fiona Goble! This is like the gazillionth book she has written though, so she’s well-practiced, to be fair.

I’d definitely recommend this book if you’re looking to add some good, solid gift makes to  your repertoire, whether you are well-versed in the art of sewing or not. You’ll find it on Amazon here.  And, I can’t resist one last snap of  my favourite project – who can I make this for?!

photo 3


Cute penguins – WINNER.

Thanks to Ivy Press for supplying me with books for free. This is totally my own opinion, by the way. And that’s not an affiliate link, so there.


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