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Things I Got For Christmas Vol 1


My mum bought me this tin for Christmas. I was pretty pleased. I like old tins and own far too many of them that I always think I will use for storing stuff in, but then realise there is a finite number of things I own smaller than the tins themselves, so I stack them up, put them in boxes, shuffle them around and never really settle on a plan for them. Nevertheless, I still enjoy looking at them.

This one came filled to the brim with sherbet lemons, one of the premier boiled sweets. As I typed that, I remembered about them, and popped one in the old cake hole. Delish.

We live near a really cool big antiques sales room type place which is where she found this. We’ve been here 3 months, and we’ve already acquired from there:

  • Multiple plant pots
  • Dining table and 6 chairs (also a Christmas gift from my mum – I’m easily pleased)
  • Two wooden boxes
  • Old apple crate
  • Victorian music cabinet
  • Turn of the century religious cross stitch sampler (also a Christmas gift, from Lee)
  • Several things that were gifts for other people (that might not have them yet, so no spoilers)

In short, it’s my new favourite place.


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