I’m glad that 2013 is finally over with. It was a very stressful year for the most part, and only in the latter part of it did I manage to relax a bit. Being made effectively homeless, then having to move twice in quick succession, whilst dealing with all manner of legally bullshit was tough. Work has been a total nightmare this year, too, and then we had no internet or phone connection for 3 months at our new place, which was like some sort of endurance test of my patience.

BUT – last night, it was traditional NYE dinner time – stew and plain bread, a uniquely West of Scotland dish, I am told. Basically, it’s really runny steak pie, like steak pie soup. DELICIOUS. Then you thicken it up and it becomes steak pie the next day. Can’t wait. 2014 will hopefully be a lot less stressful than 2013. And I might even manage to write more here. Ha! No resolutions from me, though. Just to be less stressed. That should do it. Happy new year!


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