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If You Got A Problem, Yo, I’ll Solve It

Image courtesy of BBC
Image courtesy of BBC

One of my career goals has always been to write more, and one of the aspects of that I’ve always wanted to do, probably from when I was a teenager, is write an agony aunt column.

Just Seventeen never did call and Dear Deidre is not really my style, but I got to thinking – what do I know about? Craft and indie business. What do I get loads of? Unsolicited emails, Tweets and messages asking me for advice and help.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

So, if you’re a crafter looking to set up your own business, or perhaps you’re established but wondering how to select which craft fair to attend, or maybe you just have a dilemma you want to talk over but are in your own studio, alone, staring at the walls and feeling sick – get in touch!

You can email me at with your question and I’ll scour my brainbox for a solution for you. Sometimes this will be from my own noggin and sometimes I’ll point you in the direction of another great article written by one of the community of awesome people there are in the indie craft/design business here on our fair shores.

Hopefully, at least one of you has something you want to talk about and will be in touch! And if not, well, you can still read my dronings on the matter anyway.

Bet you’ve got this in your head now, too:


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