Let The Right One In

Let the Right One In
Photo from The Guardian

I didn’t know it was about vampires, or I might not have went. Vampires and supernatural type things are so very far from being my bag. Gore I can handle, but anything that involves ghosts, spooks and other intangibly creepy beings are just not for me. My brain can’t turn off and also can’t help but translate them into my own life and then I find myself, alone in my big scary house of an evening, unable to go to the bathroom for fear of upsetting some spirit on the way.

But I didn’t know it was about vampires, so I agreed to go to Dundee on Saturday and see Let The Right One In at the Rep Theatre. Maybe you’ve read the book or seen the movie. Obviously, I hadn’t. It’s a production put on by the National Theatre of Scotland and despite me knowing next to nothing about the acting world, I’d say they did a pretty good job of it.

Photo from National Theatre Scotland
Photo from National Theatre Scotland

The action largely takes part around a climbing frame, which is novel. The set was rather awesome, the trees were climbed and clambered up and played a big part in setting the scene, as well as being part of the action. It even snowed at the interval, which was pretty impressive.

The young actors were all pretty good (though vampire girl’s insistence on SHOUTING EVERYTHING like she wasn’t mic-ed up was a little annoying to begin with) and  Deacon Blue’s Lorraine Mackintosh played the alkie mother with great aplomb. I really enjoyed the whole performance but the finale was definitely the best bit – especially if, like me, you go in with no preconceptions at all. The one thing I hated was the interpretive dance breaks. It’s either theatre, or performance art, and if it’s the latter, I’m left cold. That’s just my personal preference though, don’t let it put you off, it’s mercifully brief, that part.

It’s running until Saturday 29th June – catch it if you can.

PS – Don’t forget it’s Day In The Life day, today!


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