It’s fair to say that I probably already talk quite-enough-thank-you-very-much about my pet. So I shan’t rave on too much about how AMAZING it is to own a dog after years of yearning for one.

Instead, I thought I’d show you a photo of one of the other many pets I had growing up. I was pretty lucky to own such a large and expensive pet, but my parents worked extremely hard to provide it for me and as I get older, I realise just how much they sacrificed for me. I am truly grateful to have had the chance to experience what lots of young girls dreamt of…


That’s me, skinny thighs and all, around 1994 or so. And that’s my pony, Misty (her pedigree name was Ebony Mist). We’re en route to the beach for a canter around, but I recall that this day was no different from any other day, in that she ran off, with me clinging on for dear life, until I could regain some sort of control and head for home.

Ah, Misty. My first proper pony. I had ridden since I was about 5 or 6, but I finally got a pony all to myself when I was about 13. Previously, I had ridden all the riding school ponies and in the school holidays, one of my aunt’s companion ponies, Bubbles.



Misty was, for those who are interested, 3/4 Welsh section D and 1/4 Thoroughbred. Unfortunately, when it came to attitude, she was 2000% Thoroughbred and I was forever picking myself up off dusty paths or retreating from the paths of vehicles, or on one memorable occasion, walking back from a nearby park by myself, as she’d gone on ahead without me.

Most of the time though, we got on well enough, but looking back, I can see that I was a bit scared of her. And she knew it and took advantage of the fact. I’m fairly outgoing and confident these days but I wasn’t really back then and if I had been, I’d have put her right in her place. But as it happened, I left school, moved to Glasgow and moved on from ponies and she ended up being bought by a girl who worked at the stables where I kept her. She’s still alive now, a ripe old 28 years old at least – perhaps she has calmed down a bit now.

I still love horses and one day, I will get fitter and have another one. But for now, I will make do with having a dog big enough to saddle up.

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1 thought on “Pets”

  1. I am pretty terrfiied of horses. I’ve never been on anything bigger than a donkey and I don’t tink I’m brave enough to give it a go. I’ll go as far as stroking them in a field (as long as they’re behind a fence!).

    My fear wasn’t helped the other day when I went for a run and somehow was so completely horrifiying looking/sounding that I actually managed to scare a horse who was probably just going for a nice country walk with his rider. He got all skittery and I had visions of a hoofprint shape on my chest. It was not fun. I felt so guilty as well, I wasn’t sure if I’d broken some kind of country-code that I hadn’t come across as a city girl. Reading this though, maybe the horse was just a little bit of a madam!

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