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Ah, it was all going so well. I had managed to blog nearly every day in October but then ballsed it up right at the end by being a bit under the weather and also, very busy. But I gave it a good shot. I hope you didn’t miss me too much.

I came across this website via Twitter last week – The Great British Diet. In particular, this article all about Jacobs Club Biscuits really got the old nostalgia going.

For some reason, Club biscuits remind me of my grandad. I am not really sure why now, as he favoured as a tea time treat the far superior, but quite similar, Trio (Man, I wish they still made Trios. Perhaps I should make my own like this afficianado). But still, when I think of Club biscuits, I’m transported back to his flat with the eye-boggling carpet and his two cats and his kitchen that smelt of cigarette smoke and milky coffee.

This advert really reminds me of Saturdays at grandads, a Club in hand, watching the racing on the telly. Good times.


1 thought on “Join Our Club”

  1. Ha ha – I remember this too. Especially the little girl at the end. And totally agree about the Trio – biscuit of champions 🙂

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