Day In The Life

15th October 2012

0450 Wake up, in a panic that I’ve slept in. This is because for the last two days, I’ve had to be up at 0330 and 0430 respectively. I am very glad I don’t have to get out bed, so I go back to sleep.

0600 Lee’s alarm goes off. I sleep for a bit longer and he comes in when he’s ready to leave the house, bringing the dog with him, who promptly gets on the bed with me. We snooze on, whilst Lee goes to work.

0700 Checking my emails from the comfort of my cosy, warm bed. Make a mental to-do list for the day. Looking out the window, it’s misty but beautiful.

0800 Out of bed, in the shower. Max stays in bed, wise dog, until I am dressed and I offer him breakfast which he duly accepts. I have to go to work later, so I make dinner now, leftover lamb pie with mushrooms and red wine. Regardez:

1000 I eat some quiche. I don’t have much regard for eating breakfast things at breakfast, etc. I’d be quite happy eating soup at breakfast time. I think this began when I lived in Thailand and was eating rice for breakfast. I really don’t pay it much attention, but I realise it may seem slightly odd to others. Lee arrives home to swap his car for his work van.

1030 Lee goes back to work and Max and I go out to the woods for a walk. It’s really cold, Lee’s van said a mere 2 degrees.

Remind myself I am very lucky to live here.

1115 We return home and I put the dog straight in the shower to hose the mud off him. He dries off in the sun through the windows and I get on with some orders. Halloween is just around the corner so a lot of ghosts and skulls going on this week.

Making badges is not my favourite task but it is a necessity. I package up some orders and say my goodbyes to the dog, who I leave munching on some dried rabbit ears (tasty).

1230 I’m at the post office, posting those orders. There is an old man in front of me with the hair of a young Elvis, mock-berating the man at the other window for being too slow. Ho ho. I eventually post my things and get back in the car and head off to work.

1310 Arrive at work and instantly forget the serenity of the woods this morning. Busy and stressful day.

1700 I haven’t left my desk yet since I sat down. It’s been a fraught afternoon.

1800 Sarah texts me to say she’s outside, for our pre-arranged chicken eating date. Hurrah! I go downstairs and Pumpkin, the terrier, is waiting to lick the features clean off my face. I love Pumpkin, she’s the polar opposite of Max – tiny, curly, a digger. We drive round to Istanbul, which is just near my work, and serves the most amazing chicken kebabs in homemade pitta breads. It’s like a secret takeaway in Glasgow – SO good. We haven’t seen each other for a while, so we exchange news and agree to meet up again soon for a tramp in the woods with our respective canines.

1900 I’m back at work, getting on with it. Thankfully, my work wife, Kanye, is here to keep me entertained.

2230 By this time, I can’t see straight for the tireds and decide it would be prudent to go home. I leave work and listen to a documentary about Betty Driver on radio 2 on the way home which was surprisingly interesting!

2315 I make it home and pretty much go straight to bed and fall asleep almost instantly for once. Zzzzz.

DITL round-up:

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