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Give It Away Now

I always find it tedious for both the reader (you) and the writer (me) when making such bold statements as I’m going to blog every day for a whole month, but that’s my intention. I should have picked February though, not a 31-dayer.

For today’s fascinating installment, I am merely going to say that I’m holding a giveaway over at Miso Funky, where you can win your very own cross stitch iPhone case.



You can enter here.


3 thoughts on “Give It Away Now”

  1. I’m not doing Blogtoberfest this year (been hit by a dose of realism) even though I really enjoyed doing it last year, but I’m glad that few of my favourite bloggers are – lots of extra posts to keep me entertained! No pressure, but I’ll be keeping a wee beady eye on your blogging 😉

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