Day In The Life

Day In The Life – 10th September 2012

Monday was day in the life day! Marceline chose this time.  Here’s what I got up to.

I usually like to chronologically list my DITL posts but I didn’t take notes as I went on this occasion. I had been working til 1am on Sunday night, so my day technically started still in the office, glaring at the myriad television screens around my desk and keeping my fingers crossed that the Paralympics Closing Ceremony, masquerading as An Audience With Coldplay didn’t overrun (it didn’t).

I got home and pretty much went straight to bed as I was exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open. I read for a bit on my iPhone and went to sleep around 3am. I had given Lee strict instructions earlier in the day to ensure I was out of bed when he left for work, so I found myself  out of bed, blearily getting dressed etc at 7.30. I give the dog his breakfast and his pills and hoover up a yoghurt. I then get all my orders ready for the post office and set off down the hill to post them.

When I get back, I take the dog for a short walk. He has been on short walk rations whilst he has been in treatment for his bad hips, so he gets a short walk in the morning and a longer one later on with Lee. We get back and Max has a snooze on the sofa, where he is not supposed to be, as that’s how he did his leg in. But he has been pretty miserable lately, so I allow him to sneak up and before long, I am trying to sew with 40kg of Labrador on my lap, looking for cuddles. I give in and we hang out for a bit.

I am pretty much sewing for the rest of the afternoon for Renegade this weekend. I also finish up a project for a book I’ve been asked to do. Lee texts to see if we are going out for dinner tonight, but I’ve too much sewing to do, so he brings home takeout curry instead. We eat it and the dog decides he is too tired from his hard day’s snoozing to go out again and resolutely refuses to get out of bed. The painkillers have been pretty hard going for him. Little does he know, from his Monday viewpoint, that tomorrow he’ll get to stop taking them, as the dog specialist will give him the all-clear to come off them and gradually go back to normal, no surgery currently required – hurrah!

I am really tired by about 11pm having been on short sleep rations and sewing pretty much all day, so I head off to bed, as we have an early start in the morning to go to Fife with the dog for his appointment. I read for a bit on my iPhone, chat to Lee and then drop off after midnight, for a fitful night’s sleep. FIN.

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