Past Life: Girl Guide

I was a girl guide when I was younger. I started off in the Brownies, old-skool with the brown tunic and the bobble hat and our meetings were in the TV room of my primary school. I don’t remember a great deal about Brownies, but I do remember moving on to the Guides when I was old enough, right about the time they brought in the new-look uniforms. Suddenly, it was all hoodies, baseball caps and CULOTTES.

The main thing I recall about Guides is the endless badge-competitiveness. Meetings were held in the dinner hall of the primary school round the corner from our house. I remember being a bit worried about that to start with because I’d only ever been in it once on voting day with my mum and it was a, whisper it, protestant school.  Evidently, it was fine. The other day, whilst looking for something else from my past life, I found my Guides sash, complete with badges.


I don’t think I was in the Guides for all that long, as I was too preoccupied with ponies, but I achieved an impressive haul in my time there, I think you’ll agree. They are:


Collector (I collected carrier bags from around the world when I was a child. I KNOW).

Crime Prevention






Horse Woman

Friend To Animals



Accident Prevention

The big thistle badge at the top is the patrol emblem. The line underneath that meant I was second in command of our patrol, which when you’re 12, is pretty big shakes. The brass trefoil badge you got for taking your Girl Guide pledge (love the Queen and God, do good, etc). I am not sure what the yellow trefoil badge was about – any readers know? I think it was some sort of challenge badge, but I am not sure what for.


Nostalgic. I don’t remember any of my friends being in Guides with me.  I do remember having to sing round a flagpole and beetle drives. Good times.


3 thoughts on “Past Life: Girl Guide”

  1. Ah, beetle drives… I love reminiscing about my time in the Girl Guides, or Skateboard Society as we referred to it in public. The coloured trefoils were for working through a big list of about 10-12 challenges. You set your own challenges within themes they gave you. I think it was meant to take about a year to complete each one and they got harder as they went until you reached the blue (?) trefoil and then started working towards being a Queen’s Guide. Now that WAS a big deal. I can’t remember what order the colours went in but I don’t think yellow was that impressive. You should have stuck in at it, missy! 😉

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