Random Utterings

Link Round Up

I spent this past weekend trying to get through a mountain of work so I can get finished up and move on to readying for Renegade Craft Fair, which looms large just over 2 weeks away now. I feel a bit anxious when I think of that. This, fact fans, is what I can get through when I knuckle down, it seems.

Also this past weekend, I had an email from the organiser of a new craft fair at the Lighthouse asking me if I wanted a stall at their “very well advertised” event. So well advertised and organised that I’m being approached to take a stall less than a week beforehand? GUH. Clearly, they haven’t read my thoughts on the state of craft in Glasgow or the previous events at the Lighthouse. Incredible.

I’ve been reading a few articles of interest lately that I wanted to share in case they are of interest to you, too, dear readers:

How to survive a bad craft fair (via Lupin). Some good points in there that could be adapted and applied for your own use.

Is cuteness bad for craft?  This made my blood boil. Read Marceline’s excellent follow-up post about it, too.

Not useful as such, but whilst I’m bashing Etsy… their mixed messages re: vintage on their handmade marketplace just got even more mixed.

I’ve got so much new work to share coming up soon. Exciting times.





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