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Wishi Washi

A while ago, I mentioned on Twitter that I had been offered a source of washi tapes wholesale and was considering importing and selling them. It took weeks and weeks for the samples to arrive from the East but now they’re here, I’ve been experimenting with them and seeing which I like best, testing quality, etc. Aren’t they pretty? Some of them are from my own stash.

With times still tough in the UK now we’re officially in a double-dip recession (which is, sadly, nothing to do with these), I’m still pondering whether it’s a goer or not. Doing some research, working out prices and profit margins. I’ve found it hard to get hold of washi tape in the UK at an affordable price so thought that it may make for a niche to exploit.

For now though, I’m happy to use these samples when the occasion allows to carry on testing their suitability. Would you buy washi tapes if they were affordable and easy to get your hands on?


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