Day In The Life

3rd July 2012

0200 I finally go to bed. I was off work on Monday and spent the day in Ayrshire, visiting my aunt and uncle, and my brother who is staying with them. We took the dog to the beach, visited my grandparents at the cemetery and I didn’t get back til late.

0700 Lee wakes me up as he’s leaving for work. I go back to sleep.

0900 I wake up again and think about getting up.

1055 Hmm, I should really have been awake before now, but I was exhausted and have fallen asleep again. I get out of bed and have a shower and get ready and spend some quality time patting the dog.

1130 I leave Max at home and get in the car, destination The Fort shopping centre. I need some emergency embroidery thread, and it’s nearer than going into town.

1200 I’m in Hobbycraft. I note that they have introduced a smart price type brand, which has bargain cello bags, so I snap some up along with my thread.  I then pop next door to TK Maxx to pick up a passport cover for Lee’s mum’s birthday – she is going abroad for the first time in about a zillion years, so part of her gift is a load of holiday-related items, which I think she’ll like.

1300 On the way home, I go to Sainsburys for groceries. I buy some cake for later, of course.

1400 You’ll have noted that I haven’t mentioned breakfast, cos I didn’t have any. So it’s lunch time now. Yesterday, I bought some onion pies in Kilwinning, for old time’s sake, so I heat one in the oven and have it with baked beans for lunch. YUM. I sit indoors to eat and the dog lies out on the deck. Whilst I’m eating, I watch some Hotel Babylon on Netflix. I am recently addicted to Netflix on my phone.

1445 Max and I head out for a walk. He was pretty worn out yesterday at the beach, so he’s not been too fussed about waiting til later for a wander. We go to Colzium House down the hill from us and saunter round. I have hurt my back, so I am waddling, more than sauntering. We meet a giant labradoodle who is very badly behaved. The owner, a stupid woman in her 50s, all glammed up in her glossy Hunter wellies, glares at me as Max gambols past her and her behemoth of a dog off his lead. She’s probably jealous that it’s taking all her weight to keep her dog from following Max into the river. I give a cheery wave as we pass because I am nice like that and then tell Max he’s very clever.

1600 At home and sewing for Pulse orders. I am a bit behind as my work has been a bit mental and I’ve had to work all my days off last week. I’m very tired. Lee is playing football tonight after work, so Max and I have a break and go out to the garden to play with one of his many squeaky tennis balls. Unfortunately, the lawnmower is broken and our grass is very tall, so he keeps losing the ball. Eventually, we give up and just mosey around, speculating what might be under the improbably placed flower bed at the bottom of the garden. I think pet cemetery, but could be cesspit. Max has his dinner and then a snooze whilst I get on with the sewing.

1930 Max is getting restless as he is probably wondering where Lee is. He arrives home and takes Max out for a bonus walk up the hill. I make dinner, pizza, fact lovers.

2130 I do more sewing and we watch the final of the Great British Menu which we recorded and never got round to watching. We slag off the chefs. I manage to convince Lee that Duncan Goodhew has a restraining order against Kriss Akabusi, but I am soon rumbled when they both appear on-screen. Bah!

2300 Around 11, we go to bed. Zzzzz

Did you blog your day this time? Here’s the other entries. Let me know if you did and I’ll add a link!




1 thought on “3rd July 2012”

  1. I did! But I was so sleep-deprived that I’m not sure any of it makes any sense. Still, you get to see pictures of my parents snogging in the ’70s, vintage Fisher Price and a tiny foal, plus the added bonus (bonus?!) of hearing me sing.

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