Day In The Life

Day In The Life 02/06/12

Yesterday was Day In The Life day, as chosen by Nikki. My day was crushingly dull, but that’s how it goes with DITL. Here’s what happened.

0650 Alarm goes off. I snooze on.

0710 Get out of bed, have shower. Lee is working today, too, he doesn’t usually work weekends, so it feels oddly like a week day.

0810 Having gotten ready, dressed and wandered round the garden for a bit with the dog, I leave for work.

0900 Arrive at work. My colleague has been here since before 6am, he looks worn out. Probably because he is.

1000 I take my lunch break super early so I can go to the Post Office. I drive to Govan PO which is in the shopping centre of doom. For the first time in real life, I see a man who has had his voicebox removed using one of those speakery things to talk – like this. Govan shopping centre is mega depressing but the PO is very efficient. I post my sack of parcels and go back to work.

1600 The day passes by in a bit of a blur as work is busy and tediously aggravating. Work is mental busy just now for a variety of factors, this weekend in particular due to the Jubilee.

1900 I should be going home but I am still at work, sorting out another crisis.

1945 Finally leave work, driving home listening to Liza Tarbuck on the radio, whom I love. I stop off at a takeaway and pick up dinner for Lee and I.

2045 Arrive home, greeted by a warm welcome from the dog. Lee and I have dinner straight away and watch some TV.

2200 I pick up my sewing as I have so much to do before Pulse next week it’s not funny. But I’m exhausted and can’t focus and keep making mistakes so I finish what I’m working on and put it away again.

2300 Go to bed and fall straight to sleep – work again tomorrow. Zzzzz.

Boring one this time. Join in next time! Once a date has been picked, it will be advertised here.


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