Day In The Life

Bonus Day In The Life 29.02.12

0600 Woken up by Lee’s alarm. I’ve slept badly, it has been too hot. He gets ready and shuffles round the house doing morning stuff. The dog comes to wake me up with a lick of the face. He leaves around 0650. I get out of bed and go to work which is today in my office space at home.

0700 Switching on laptop, logging on to work network, opening up all the applications I need. The dog gives a sigh and goes back to bed.

0750 Having zipped through some work, I crack open my neglected 5 year diary and fill in a few days I’ve missed recently. Update my Filofax (ok, yah).

0806 Back to work.

0831 Check Instagram on my phone. I am easily distracted.

0900 Make breakfast and take it back through to office and eat whilst I work. Dog has a slice of toast (dry) and goes back to bed.

0942 Remember my best friend is going on holiday today to Tenerife, so I send her a text: “Have a great time, slag face.”

0948 Dog is snoring loudly. I remember that it’s the last day of my Blog & Buy Sale stall and do some shameless promotion of it to garner last minute votes. That rosette will be mine!

1030 Have a shower, get dressed.

1115 On my break, I take the dog for a walk. We go to the marsh down the road for a trudge about. The dog plays for a bit in his favourite puddles and tries once again to make friends with the very angry swans. There is a man walking in front of us who keeps stopping every 4 paces to check his phone.

1230 Home. Pig’s ear for the dog to chew on, more work for me.

1300 Do my good deed for the day and offer to make badges for a workmate’s event next week. I somehow manage to work out a design, how to make it work in photoshop and make them in the space of an hour later on. I have no idea how I did it now.

1430 Chatting to workmates on MSN about work stuff. I am just about done with my week’s work, so handing stuff over to the people carrying on tomorrow.

1530 Finish up, pack away work laptop and switch on my own. Take the dog out to the garden and give him a good brush, which he loves.

1545 Make those badges.

1630 Working on some cross stitch charts on my laptop. Now I have conquered my fear of it, it’s goodbye graph paper! (Actually, such is my love of tiny squared paper, I’ll never give it up).

1645 Take the dog up the hill across from our house for a bonus second walk. Usually he gets one long walk and garden time. Today, it’s dry and fair, so we go for a bonus mosey.

1700 We come home and I feed the dog. I go back to my charts.

1715 Lee arrives home. We exchange news whilst I start working on some press stuff. He goes off to spend some QT with the dog, have a shower, etc.

1900 I am still working on press stuff. I go out to have a look at the greenhouse Lee is fixing up at the side of the house. He’s repaired the roof, made a door and some shelving and it looks pretty good! It needs to be painted but is a million times more functional than it was when we moved in.

2000 Finish up my press stuff and make dinner. We are having beef stroganoff which I make from scratch from a Jamie Oliver recipe. It’s very easy and quick to do. We eat whilst watching Wales play Costa Rica at football. Wales do not win. Lee is Welsh. I do some sewing after dinner of a new design I am working on.

2200 We are both knackered so trundle off to bed where I do a final sweep of my emails then go to sleep. Zzzzz.


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