50 Days Of Dog Ownership

Today we have been dog owners for 50 days. Max joined us 7 weeks ago yesterday. He’s a black Labrador who belonged to a friend of a friend, in the Lake District. His owner was too elderly to look after such a large, exuberant chap, and we were looking for a dog – the perfect match!

So one afternoon, we pootled down to Levens to meet him. It was love at first sight. He’s a big dog, pretty much a small pony. We think he might be crossed with a Great Dane somewhere down the line – his paws are like saucepan lids and he is a bit more houndy than a typical Lab.

He’s extremely good natured and biddable, and pretty much settled in as soon as he arrived. Of course, when we met him, we brought him home that day. Once we’d met, there was no question of us not taking him. And we are both smitten with him and, I’d like to think, him with us.

So, I apologise in advance for becoming a dog bore. If you follow me on Twitter, you are probably fed up hearing of him already. But he is a definite part of the family now and here to stay, even if that does mean he takes up half the sofa.


2 thoughts on “50 Days Of Dog Ownership”

  1. He’s gorgeous and the spitting image of my last dog. We used to reckon he had some Great Dane in him too as he was way larger than average. He used to sneak up onto beds with one step, never even ruffled the covers! I wonder if there’s just a particular strain of Lab that fits with that.

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