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Honestly Speaking

Well, that last post struck a chord. Thanks for all your comments. I am still not sure what the problem is – I have a new brand, a fancy new website, awesome product photography and yet still they are not coming.

So I can only assume that it’s that they haven’t left yet. If the customers are compared to tradtional shoppers, arriving at the shops with credit cards in hand, then mine are still at home, putting their shoes on and trying to find their keys.

Panic starts to set in a little each year pre-Christmas that it’s going to be a quiet one, but this year is the latest I’ve panicked. It means one starts to look at contingency plans – where else can I spread myself to get more coverage and try to attract more customers.

Which is how last night I found myself contemplating re-opening my Folksy shop. I closed it a while ago as it just never worked for me. It took ages to load items, the categories didn’t really fit all my items and I felt it was a bit clunky all round. The recent re-design is nice, although the font makes my eyes go blurry. But the underlying issues and things I don’t like about the layout, etc are still there. But such was my level of worry, I briefly considered it.

For the amount of effort it would take, against the potential gain, I don’t think it’s worth it. I also gave myself a little bit of a talking to and reminded myself that I cannot worry about external factors too much and that I should focus on continuing to do what I am doing to the best of my ability. And have faith that now I’ve built it, they will come – just as soon as they’ve got their shoes on and found their keys.


4 thoughts on “Honestly Speaking”

  1. Cb, gonna be really honest with you people just don’t seem to be spending as much this year as in previous times. Whether that’s to do with economic times etc but cost of petrol n stuff as u know isn’t cheap I’m running about 40 quid a wk just now for petrol so that money obv has to come out of somewhere. Usually I spend about a 1000 pound for 3 people for xmas this year I just don’t have it. And I think that’s just case with lotta people money just isn’t stretching that far now. Fingers xed for u I have no doubt week leading up to xmas u be rushing about like blue arsed fly 🙂
    Ps pm facebook me your new addy for xmas card x

    1. Yeah, that is a factor, definitely, though traditionally in times of recession, I’ve actually sold more, as I think people want their money to matter, where it’s spent. We shall see! Have emailed you 😉

  2. My theory? It’s still too warm. The trees are golden rather than bare, it doesn’t feel like winter. This time last year, we were ankle deep in snow and shivering in freezing temperatures. It’s easier to start thinking about festivities when it *feels* like Christmas. For me, it’s all come as a bit of a surprise. It’s December and my birthday next week, but it feels like October still. I’m sure things will pick up once people start to feel like holidays are near.

    1. You know what – that is SO right. It’s barely been frosty and it’s a world away from last year at the same time. I think you may have something there! Happy birthday for next week, too 🙂

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