The Randomness Of Strangers

So, we have moved house. We are now in our rambling 1750s cottage about 20 miles outside of Glasgow, in the countryside-lite. Expect to hear much about this development.

But first, an observation on the randomness of strangers. This might be isolated to small country towns, I do not know.

It started with our kooky neighbours, the first strange strangers we met upon moving in, who despite first impressions, are thawing a little now. They’re probably harmless.

Then last week, there was the elderly man in waterproofs, stealing (I thought at the time) our neighbour’s wheelie bin. It turns out he is somehow employed in the neighbourhood to put the bins out and do some gardening from what I gather. I stepped out the front door this morning to be greeted by him brandishing his walking stick and instructing me on the finer points of drain clearing. He then ensured I was informed of tonight being Black Bin Night – I think it’s bin collection day tomorrow, rather than there being some sort of neighbourhood wine tasting but you never know.

The strangest of the strangers so far has been the man who looked after our neighbour’s house whilst they were away last weekend (I suspect at the Whitby Goth Weekender, they look the sorts). Cutting a long story short, we were woken on Saturday morning by the police, paramedics and worried family of said man, who had posted on Facebook that he was going to kill himself and now was incommunicado. In his friends’ house. Thankfully, he was either unsuccessful or decided against it, and was led away to seek medical assistance.

More nicely strange was the elderly lady I encountered yesterday morning as I strolled along the canalside killing time whilst my car had its MOT, who, as I approached gave me the heartiest, cheeriest GOOD MORNING! I’ve had in a long time. Heartwarming.

Then there was another harmless old duffer at the cash point next to me – he turned,shivered and said CHILLY FOR JUNE,ISN’T IT, EH? Um, yes…e

I’ve just returned from my new local stationers, a proper old skool good service, shirt and tie sort of place. They also do printing, they could become my new BFFs. I started off proceedings by purchasing 200 padded envelopes which despite being extremely light they insisted on carrying to my car for me. Lovely strangers.

So, in summary – the countryside is a bit…strange.


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