Random Utterings

Sit & Knit

Knitted stools by Claire O’Brien.


Knitted slipcover by Biscuit Scout.

Crocheted stool cover by Dottie Angel.

Knitted blanket via Pinterest.

Doily rug also via Pinterest.

It’s probably the turn in the weather towards autumn (neatly bypassing summer without collecting £200 or passing Go) that is making me crave giant, chunky knitted things. I want a huge big squishy grey and/or mustard blanket.

I want to make one but sadly all my knitting needles, my giant size 20s, my selection of bamboos and even my straggly old metal pins are AWOL, lent out to the Craft Mafia and lost forever, it seems. One day, though, I will get some replacements organised and get knitting. Knitting on giant needles is very easy and produces results very quickly, so even I should be able to fit in some knit time in amongst my busy schedule! Or, I’ll bribe my mum.








5 thoughts on “Sit & Knit”

  1. I love these cable-knit covers for furniture. I’m not a great knitter though, it’s taken me 8 months to knit a new collar for my poncho/wrap-thing that I love, but has a polo neck that I can cope with.
    12 inches by 20 inches of stocking stitch in 8 months. Probably not going to be able to knit a chair/stool cover in under a decade. Doesn’t stop me wanting one though!


    PS Love your blog

  2. do you know who created the knitted cable throw of the one you found on pinterest.. trying to find out what thickness or brand of the yarn and if they have a pattern.. you can email me dailyscraps@msn.com.. please and thank you!! oor if you have the original pin from pinterest.. that would be great!

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