West Coast Riviera

Last week, website supremo and close pal mar-c and I went on a wee jaunt to Rothesay for no particular reason other than Monsieur Le Bun got a good deal for us. It was wet, windy but fun! We can always make the best of these bad weather situations.

It was like travelling back in time to a different era and a different season on the ferry – so cold, wet, windy! But I do love being on a boat, no matter the weather.

We stayed at a really nice B&B on top of a very steep hill. It was very comfortable and even laid on a roaring log fire in their lounge complete with friendly cat (although I seem to be suddenly mildly allergic to cats, hm).

We did some sight seeing on an open top bus.

This was the view. We sat in the undercover bit next to a couple of pensioners who were following along with a giant Ordnance Survey map.

When the rain went off briefly, we had a wander round the town and saw a miniature palm tree. That’s marceline in the photos, she is exactly the same height as a miniature palm tree. We also ate some ice cream…

..and some chips. And we saw some scary signage…

..and some nice ones, too.

It was fun and we got lots of ideas out of our heads and onto paper. We are a good team when it comes to ideas, me and mar-c. Plans for the new website advanced very well, hurrah!

I’m not sure Rothesay is for me, but it was nice to see it and I’d recommend it if it was sunny, for a day trip. It was a nice break away from the daily routine and now – back to work!


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