Corn Cakes

I love sweetcorn more than the average person, I’d wager. When I lived in Thailand, I’d get some most days from one of the street stands, where they slice it off the cob for you and give you it in a bag or a cup with a spoon.

It’s fair to say the Thais love sweetcorn, too – they even use it as a topping on ice cream and as you can see above, eat it with sugar and Carnation milk (this was a bridge too far for me) on occasion.

There was a little stand next to the office I worked in and one at the end of the street I lived in, so I was never far from a regular supply of the good stuff, all mega-fresh from the fields – yum.

So, I was really excited to try Jen’s recipe for corn cakes – fried AND corn! Definitely for me. Jen writes a blog all about food, with recipes, restaurant reviews and general foodie observations which I enjoy reading immensely. Here’s the recipe for her corn cakes and black bean salsa.



The only difference I made was in the salsa – when I drained the corn, I added the water to the salsa which tasted great but did make it a bit watery, so make sure when you serve, you don’t end up with a plate full of water. I also added a metric ton of coriander to the salsa, as I love coriander.

I snaffled these two down for a late lunch and it was delicious! We’ll be having them for dinner along with some lamb cutlets I need to use up today. They’re pretty light for summer evening dins and also very quick to do.

Thanks, Jen! Make sure you check out her blog.


1 thought on “Corn Cakes”

  1. I LOVE sweetcorn and my favourite thing when I need a quick fix is a small tin of Salad Crisp sweetcorn from our good friend the green giant, a chopped up avocado, a big old sprinkle of lime juice and a roughly chopped or torn handful of coriander. It goes with everything or is great just on its own. The quantities above are probably for two people but my husband refuses to eat pretty much all of the key ingredients so I tend to just trough down the lot.

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