Random Utterings

New Year

Been busy, innit? The passing of Christmas is a blur. I worked my socks off until Christmas Eve. The weather/postal problems conspired to make it the worst Christmas business period ever for lost and delayed mail. I’m still getting emails now with problem parcels. It’s grinding me down.

New year? Had what was probably swine flu, innit? Still have a hacking, retching cough which makes strangers back away in horror. I was in bed for 8pm on NYE, Night Nursed off my tits.

2011 so far has been so busy, I’ve not caught my breath (that’s partly the cough). More orders, post hangover and my first trade show this weekend have kept me running when I’ve not been subtitling. Oh, yeah, I’m still doing that. Instead of asking to go part-time, I’ve applied for promotion – big interview next week. Another thing to squeeze into the coming week. I’m a glutton for punishment.

But, a few good things coming up – Jo’s wedding and attendant myriad hen do’s beforehand (one a 3 day spa break, much needed by all concerned) and then 2 weeks in March in Porkopolis…

Can’t bloody wait.


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