What Would Jamie Do?

A new design! It was a request from a customer but I’ve decided to put it on the roll call of samplers that can be bought by anyone. I’m nice like that.

This weekend has been good. On Saturday, after a nice long lie (briefly punctuated by an Orange bastarding walk), Lee and I went into town to stay at the new Citizen M hotel that is opening next month.  We got a one night stay free of charge in return for doing a quick review  on check out – awesome! And it truly was an awesome stay – the hotel is ultra-modern, so well designed and a lot of fun to stay in. I will try to do a proper post about it with photos soon.

After we checked in and had a few drinks, I went off to get my hair done, then did a little light shopping, before relaxing in our space age room for a bit. Then we hit up Cafe Salma at Charing Cross for dinner, which was really ace – recommended! We were knackered after that, so our planned trip to the cinema (!) was off, and we went and played with the lights instead in our room.

Today, after a half-hour long shower in the AMAZING rainfall shower with mood lighting (I seriously didn’t want to ever get out), we went back home, via the travel agents to book our summer holiday, hurrah! Except it’s at the end of October. But still, just 2 months until we head off to Zakynthos for a week, home of sandy beaches, shallow, warm waters and loggerhead turtles!

This is where we’re headed:

Can’t wait! Until then, busy-busy. Back to it now.

P.S When I was looking for the photo above, I found this one:

Why would you post this photo of yourself on a travel website?! His skin’s like a leather handbag and he appears to have been nibbled on by sharks. Smooth.


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