Why does George Lucas insist on that walnut-whip hairdo?

I need to remember that there is life outside of the business every once and a while. My spare time is non-existent these days and I am re-assessing what I need to be doing and what I want to be doing.

What I want to be doing is having a few moments each day that I can just not think about my business or subtitling or anything in particular, be those few moments be gazing out the window, looking at pretty things on a website, reading a book. So I’ve started that over the past few days. And already I feel like things are a tiny bit less hectic. That coupled with my decision to leave the Craft Mafia with immediate effect means I have a little bit more time to myself (not to mention less shit to deal with on a daily basis).

I’ve just finished work less than an hour ago and instead of coming home and getting straight to work sewing or doing admin, etc, I’ve come home to blog this, watch Glee and eat ice cream. Then I might go to bed. If I can stay away from the to-do list long enough that is.

Tomorrow though, work permitting, I’m excited to be going through to Dundee to see Handmade Nation, a trip I’ve organised as my last duty for GCM. I’m looking forwards to meeting a whole host of people I’ve only “met” virtually and having a nice evening out on the fun bus! If work call me in though, I’ll be gutted. Fingers crossed!


1 thought on “Why does George Lucas insist on that walnut-whip hairdo?”

  1. Looking forward to the trip to Dundee tonight! Got my subtitling digits crossed for you… In the meantime, take a leaf out of my book and keep on chillaxing. Ah, this is the life 🙂

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