Random Utterings

Excitement Fail

Well, not fail, exactly, but my big exciting thing is not happening after all, but purely because my sensible gene kicked in at long last.

It WAS going to be…a workshop! A shop unit just around the corner from the flat came up for rent and it was so bargainous that I had somehow concocted in my head that I could rent it as a workshop space and have somewhere to pack up orders, store stuff etc.

This was all before Christmas, so I had to wait until after the new year holidays were over to hear back from the letting agent but once he got in touch, I was there the very next morning to view it.

Once we trudged the 2 minutes through the snow to it, I realised it was actually twice the size I thought it was going to be. Which made it even more of a bargain. For at least a few hours, I was giddy with the excitement of it being big enough to be a workshop, storage room AND maybe even a shop. ..

But common sense has prevailed and I’ve decided that whilst it is a great opportunity, for me to do it justice, I couldn’t do it now whilst holding down a full-time job. So here’s hoping it’s still available this time next year!

Sorry for leading everyone on with my promise of excitement but I hope I can make up for it in some other way later in the year!


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