Day In The Life

There’s nothing you can do about mould on grouting

A day in my life. Yesterday to be precise. My day starts at 00:01 because I am working til midnite on the Friday.

0010 I have been waiting for my work taxi home for 15 minutes and it’s still not here. Work very kindly pay for us to take a cab home on their account if we work late and usually they are waiting for us.  Decide to call them so have to go back upstairs to office to get number. Get through to nice man who says that for some reason, they have sent taxi to my house to bring me to work. Of course.

0015 Get back downstairs and taxi is waiting. Hurrah

0030 Home and eating some salt and vinegar crisps. Eddie Izzard is on the telly talking about jam. I decide, in my infinite wisdom, that now would be a great time to start my tax return, so switch on computer.

0045 Rootling around in bureau for P45s, pay slips and the like. Lee is working in Brechin for the weekend so I can make as much noise as I like.

0145 Plod through tax return with estimated figures until p60 arrives. The tax man tells me he owes me nearly £2,000. Yes, that’s  2 thousand Earth pounds. I must have input something wrong somewhere but too tired now to fix it. Head to bed to dream of what I would do if it were only correct.

0300 Still reading my book about a reformed crackwhore called Cupcake. Just as well, as the neighbours are having some sort of shindig.

0405 Enough’s enough, lights out.

1100 Wake up at 11am on the dot which is unusual, as I am usually awake every couple of hours. Get up and faff about and am most disgruntled to realise I have slept through the postman’s attempts to deliver a parcel. He has unhelpfully underlined the MONDAY option on the card, bah. I am doubly peeved as from his detailed description on the card, it’s the parcel of coaster bits I am waiting for.

1130 Have a shower and sing along to radio whilst drying hair. Text Jo to see what our revised plan is for the day as it’s such a miserable day outside. Tidy up a bit and get rid of the giant cardboard box which has been in our hall for a month and a half full of gold frames. Can get rid of it as it’s no longer even a quarter full of frames which is a little concerning. But the hall looks much better.

1245 Checking emails, answering customers questions and generally faffing on the internets briefly. Move all my craft books into my vintage cabinet in the hall along with my Govancroft teapot.

1300 Jo is going to come down with Basil for a cup of tea and a blether instead of us going out as it’s still horrible weather and she’s feeling a bit dodgy. Do some sewing and watch You Bet! on Challenge TV to relive my Saturday nights at my grandad’s when I was wee. Ruth Madoc is on it being a saucepot. Her challenger is a man who can snuff out candles with a fork lift truck. A handy skill if ever there was one.

1345 Straighten the painting in living room. This has been needing done for weeks.

1430 Sewing more I Heart Cake coasters for wholesale order and waiting for the Bartletts to arrive. Put heating on as it’s freezing and Lee, the heating grinch, is not here to shout at me.

1530 Playing with Basil!



1630 Pack the Bartletts off home after Basil tries to make love to the cushions one to many times. Lee texts to say he’ll be home this evening instead of Sunday.

1745 Lee returns and announces he is whisking me out to dinner. Hurrah, I am starving having eaten a slice of homemade bread and not much else today. Get changed and Lee has a shower to cleanse himself of Brechin.

1845 Walk along to Partick – it’s stopped raining thankfully. Forgot it was Old Firm game though, there are loads of mentalists out. Buy lottery ticket just in case we are lucky.

1900 Have a lovely meal at Papa Gill’s, our favourite local Indian. The food is great and it’s very reasonably priced AND they give you foam bananas and strawberries instead of mints when you pay the bill.

2045 Walking home. I put some foam bananas in my mouth like fangs and pretend to be a vampire to amuse Lee. Get home and check lottery ticket – one number! So close, yet so far away.

2130 Drinking the Kopparberg we got from Mr Stardust on the way home. Stardust is the name of our local corner shop. Watch Superbad on DVD which is actually super funny! Boom boom!

0000 Shuffle off to bed. Good nacht!


3 thoughts on “There’s nothing you can do about mould on grouting”

  1. Bad postmen, reading, eating out and ‘near misses’ on the lottery for both of us yesterday! I’m spotting a worryingly predictable bad postman pattern… Once I caught the postman putting the ‘you were out’ thing through my door and said, “I’m in!” and he had to confess that they don’t actually carry parcels anymore (allegedly!). I don’t pay postage for them to be dropped off at an inconvenient collection depot, is what I should have said… Grrr.

  2. Yeah, ours does that too. They’d never admit it, but that is definitely the norm these days. It’s bloody ridic seeing as they’ve just put the prices up again.

  3. Bugger – I forgot to do this and my brain is a sieve so I can’t remember what I did yesterday. make sure you pester me for the next one and I’ll do it 😀 Really pester me!!

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