Random Utterings

We found a live frog in the cat’s water bowl with its hands over its eyes!

Just returned from a very pleasant evening spent with Jo and Catherine eating cake and chatting. It was so nice to see them, as I haven’t seen much of either of them recently.  We went to Delizique, or Cafezique as it now seems to be called – if you haven’t been, try it, it’s lovely!

I suppose I have been a bit slack with keeping up with friends recently, with one thing and another. My good intentions get lost in a mire of sewing, working and um… more sewing. This weekend was taken up with sewing, a rubbish craft fair that was easily the worst-publicised event I’ve ever attended and thus not worth mentioning and more sewing. 

Yesterday, in honour of it being a bank holiday here in the UK, I decided to do my accounts which I realised I had neglected since January, despite, again, the best of intentions. It took a while but I am now up to date and discovered that if it hadn’t been for the purchase of Jeff, I’d be in a pretty healthy profit – imagine my surprise!

You can check out the latest creations over on my Flickr, as WordPress is not uploading photos this eve. Back to work tomorrow, booo. After four days off, it will be tough! Only 11 more sleeps til we go on holiday though, woooo!


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