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You don’t take a girl into the woods unless you’re up to no good

I have a weather application on my Google homepage which I have a few different places plugged into, regardez:



This is how it looks at 20.00 on Wednesday evening. That means it’s 2am in Bangkok and 22.00 in Rhodes with Cincinnati behind us at 15.00. 

Although I’ve not lived in Bangkok for a while now, I still like to keep an eye on the elements and I am still so amazed that I managed to survive for so long in the sort of weather that sees it being hotter than hades at 2am. I caught a glimpse of it this morning, when it would have been around 4pm there and it was 38! Celsius! Crikey.

Anyway, that got me thinking about what I was doing at this time last year. It turns out that was the weekend that I went with Liz and Rob to Prachinburi, the little town that they had taught in the year before.

What a weekend that was! It was not only blisteringly hot, but it was also my first go on a Thai train and the first time I’ve spent all night in a bedroom with the lights on, fully clothed with no air conditioning scared to move in case the lizard behind the wardrobe decided to come out and eat my face. It’s fair to say I’ve had better nights sleep.

Anyway, I thought I’d relive the whole thing by posting a link to my post about that weekend – here it is. Enjoy whilst I go back and wrestle with Jeff.


1 thought on “You don’t take a girl into the woods unless you’re up to no good”

  1. Ahhhhhhhh……….the memories!!!!!!! It makes me feel very odd to think that that was just a year ago. Life is just slightly, infinitesimally different now. Can’t think why.
    In the best way, btw!

    Thank you for this post!


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