Random Utterings

Have you seen the Cornish flag? It’s ridiculous.


This is what Jeff’s been busy with –  making tea towels. They are, on the main, turning out pretty well, but it’s not without it’s teething problems.

I managed to get about 6 done last night before I had to give up arguing with him and go to bed. Sometimes he thinks he knows best but really he’s just whining.

Common problems seem to be:

shedding his hair net and refusing to go on (there is a net that goes round the thread spool to regulate the thread unravelling).

thinking the bobbin has run out when it hasn’t

trying to over sew the same bit and then getting loads of thread wound round the bobbin – I have no idea how he manages that but it can be very messy.

breaking needles because he’s got thread wound round the bobbin but doesn’t see fit to tell me until it’s TOO LATE.

I have to admit that several occasions of the good old E1 error yesterday was my fault for not threading him exactly correctly, so I forgave him for that. But he’s put holes in one too many tea towels for my liking, so I’ll be double and triple checking everything when we get back to it later.

The most frustrating thing is sewing a longer design and him doing the first 80% of it faultlessly but then stalling near the end. Sometimes it can be rescued and sometimes it’s a write off. That’s when I want to throw him out the window – lucky for him, he’s too heavy.

Anyway, I perservere as I am convinced that we will get there in the end. In between needle breakages and thread untangling, I did manage to crack on with the badges I so desperately needed to get made.  Here is a selection:


There’s been a flurry of orders for In Case Of Emergency Breakdances this week, so I must crack on with those after a trip out to get some more frames.


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