Indie Design

My phone’s ringing. It’s probably a paedophile alert.


Amongst the very many wonderful gifts I got for my birthday, this was certainly the biggest surprise.

Would you look at that?! I cannot express just how amazed I was to open the box and find this inside!

He is made by the king of sock monkeys, Siansburys and incorporates my 2 greatest passions – monkeys and Hi-De-Hi!

I’ve named him Spike, as he looks just like camp comedian Spike Dixon with his side parting. For those who can’t recall what he looks like, click here.

The detail is really quite awesome. Sian is such a talented lady! I feel ashamed that I ever tried to make a sock monkey having seen one of Sian’s in the flesh. I insist that if you ever require a monkey, that you go straight to her!

Now, I must go – I’m taking part in a Who’s Got The Knobbliest Knees? Contest in the Hawaiian ballroom shortly.


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