Random Utterings

And what did he give himself for his 27th birthday… a tattoo of a transformer. Its not cool man, just not cool.

Tomorrow is only a day away, originally uploaded by mooosh.

Loads of post waiting when I got home tonight – or not waiting, as I apparently have 5 parcels at the post office. That’s tomorrow’s lie-in settled then!

I have been rather down in the dumps this week, but I am determined to shake it off for tomorrow. A trip to the cinema to see Young Victoria, I think – I am quite into all that history shit. I love the old queens and all that. I saw today in some magazine that Princess Beatrice has a cameo as an attendant to Queen V – who in real life is like her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother or something. Must have been weird.

In Miso Funky news, I hope to spend the morning getting my wholesale orders finished and if it’s a nice day, photographing all the new stock for the guest designers spot. I picked up the latest stuff from Laura tonight on the way home from work, can’t wait to get it in the shop.

This evening I had thought on maybe having a soiree but that’s not come to fruition so I am off to roast some lamb and do some sewing. This is how it’s got to be now I’m almost a grown up!


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