Random Utterings

But then again, I don’t tend to drink my beer in the toilets

New Hair, originally uploaded by mooosh.

So, I got a fringe on Friday. It’s a bit strange as I’ve not had a fringe since I was about 7. It feels weird, but I like it.

The reviews have mostly been good – both my mum and Lee said it makes me look younger, which is I suppose a nice thing to hear on the eve of your 30th birthday. My brother, on the other hand, fortified by several drinks, told me to “lose the fringe, it’s not working”. Gotta love your older brother. It’s not quite as cruel as when he tried to strangle me and push me down 4 flights of stairs when we were kids, but it’s almost there.

The other thing I have picked up over the weekend is a hideous cold. I can hardly breathe at all and I’m exhausted. It’s been a funny old weekend and I am spending my time now evaluating and taking stock of my life to date and working out the game plan ahead, whilst sneezing and spluttering. Nice combo.

Probably as a result of the lemsip capsules and lack of sleep, I arrived at work today 2 full hours in advance of my shift. It only added to my cheesedness. The fact that nothing worked all day made it all the more frustrating. It’s been a long day. It better not be the same tomorrow or I may weep.

I’ve not actually done any crafting for a couple of days for one reason and another but I’ve picked it back up tonite. As it turns out, I’ve got enough stock for one full wholesale order and about 80% of the other 2 outstanding, which was a nice surprise. Onwards with that tomorrow. Also tomorrow I will be taking delivery of some new guest designer stock which, added to the doughnuts and the other stock on it’s way will make for a very exciting shop update shortly.

Stay tuned!


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