How do you know that you’re only 17?

It’s 22 days until I reach the age of 30.

Surprisingly, this bothers me not an iota. I don’t have the thirties fear that so many seem to succumb to, however, there is still time.

Lots of people start to ask me around now what I’d like for my birthday and it’s tradition that I usually just post here things that I like.  Here is my very short list.

A new phone

A new hairstyle

The Memoirs of Cora Pearl

Flickr Pro renewal

Embroidered chair from Maxie Richards shop

Ladies shopper style bike

New pair of embroidery scissors as mine are totally dead

I think that’s about it! I am off to peel the tatties for dinner now.


2 thoughts on “How do you know that you’re only 17?”

  1. “surprisingly, this bothers me not an iota”

    typical youngsters with their devil amy care attitudes….let me tell you it sucks…;s awful…

    hee hee hee

    okay maybe it doesn’t

  2. I didn’t care when I hit my 30’s either – I’m one year and a few weeks older than you. I’ve also been told that I am weird because I didn’t freak out when Matt found a grey hair on my head the other day. It’s still there and I like looking at it in the mirror every morning!

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