In Russia it snows every day and they still manage to run a country


So, here’s a photo of my things at the UK DIY exxhibition at the Turnpike Gallery, courtesy of EadaoinFlynn. It’s pretty exciting to think that a whole bunch of randoms found out about my craft this weekend, including the UK Culture Minister, I hear!

Of course, I couldn’t go as I was working. It was 20 of the dullest hours I’ve yet to spend on this planet but was broken up with a lovely Valentine’s dinner prepared by Lee. It was:

amazing parmesan and another cheese I forget souffle with roasted asparagus wrapped in parma ham.

beef wellington with curly kale and roast new potatoes

chocolate cola cake with raspberries.

All washed down with some pink champagne! It was out of this world and it was very hard to move afterwards! I’ll let Lee describe the preparation process on his blog. I also received a beautiful amaryllis and the sweetest limited edition Momiji dolls which I’ll potograph as soon as it becomes possible as it’s so dull outside.

This week I am off! I don’t have to return to work until a week from tomorrow, so I am most excited about a whole week stretching ahead, full of potential.  Of course, I have a to-do list longer than the great wall of China, but hopefully there will be time for some fun in there somewhere too. Best go crack on with the relaxing sewing.


2 thoughts on “In Russia it snows every day and they still manage to run a country”

  1. Your exhibition looks fabby! Congratulations! Do you get even more holidays than us teachers or does it just seem that way to poor little hard done by me…? I knew I was in the wrong career! 🙂

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