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But then again, I don’t tend to drink my beer in the toilets

I’ve been tagged by marceline on something called Sixth Picture.  Here’s the idea:

“Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same.”

I have all my photos in one folder mostly, so I just chose the sixth photo I came to:


As my laptop is new, I don’t have any older photos on it, so this, along with everything else, is fairly recent.  This is our bathroom wall, which we repainted recently to allow our burgeoning art collection to be displayed.

I like the haphazardness of the placing – it looks random but we did take a lot of care on where to put each piece. Since I took this photo, I’ve also added a lino print of Big Daddy by the talented Laura Donald which she gave me in return for me doing A Nice Thing.

I like our bathroom and I like our flat and I also like our art. I particularly like that the layout of it on the wall means we can easily add to it, so that’s something to bear in mind with my approaching birthday. I’ll be 30 on March 11. 30! That’s a whole other post.

For now, I tag the following people to also post about their sixth photo:






Lynsey Prior – go set up your blog!


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