We can’t eat in that place! There’s no mobile reception.

I had envisioned being able to post this instantly but I seem to be sitting in the only bar in Glasgow that doesn’t have wifi at all, never mind free wifi.


This is the first outing for my tiny little laptop and it is already drawing admiring glances. Someone passing my table came and asked me what it was! I resisted the urge to tell them it was by Fisher Price though. I am waiting for Jo to arrive for lunch but I thought I would come early and do all the things I had to do online whilst I waited, but I am thwarted by the innernets gods.


This morning has gone well so far. The freecycler I was waiting on only showed up half an hour late, surely some sort of record? I am not sure what it is about me and freecycle that seems to attract only Glasgow’s strangest people to our belongings, but today was no exception. I think maybe she was foreign. I hope so anyway, as I couldn’t make out a word she said. At least it’s saved me a trip to the charity shop with a very heavy bag of books.


I also managed to get several things off in the post today, including new stock off to Johnny Come Lately in Aberdeen and a little robot to the great Cuteable giveaway hamper. I have a little more sewing to do and then I can post my first order to Australia which arrived at the weekend. Australia! Fancy that.


It’s nice that the Miso Funky word seems to be spreading across the globe. It’s also spreading closer to home with a part-exciting, part-embarrassing “spotting” on Friday. Me and Lee went to the cinema, as you may recall, and the gal taking the tickets told me how much she liked my emobroidery. Which was rather thrilling but also slightly scary. The only other time that’s happened was when the man in our local take-away recognised me via Lee, which isn’t quite the same, but he did offer his sister in law’s services should I ever need any embroidery help.


Did I mention we got a new camera? Well, we did. It’s very nice and has a huge screen and zooms to like a gazillion pixels or something. I must take some more photos as my Flickr account has been languishing somewhat lately. It would be nice to have some more photos which are not all sewing, so I will endeavour to rectify this during this week.


In other news, Steve (the goldfish) seems to be hanging on, despite appearing to be on his last legs (fins) for several weeks now. We’ve given him some medicine and he’s still hanging on in there, bless his gills.


In conclusion, I am going to spring this upon you and nominate this Friday as Day In The Life. I insist you all take part. Once you’ve posted your day, please comment here and I’ll post them all up. New year resolve to do it this time, people.


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