Isn’t Dubai in Angola?

Look at me, 2 blog posts in a year, wooo, etc.

I would love to say I’ve been really busy thus my reason for no bloggage, but I’ve not been snowed under. But then I’ve not been sitting on my ass watching telly all day either (except at work, boom boom!).

The highlights of the year so far have been:

Getting a mahoosive wholesale order last week from a really cool shop.

Setting up my Etsy shop at long last and getting an order almost instantly.

Hearing from a friend I’ve not seen for a while.

Meeting up with another friend I’ve not seen in almost a year for lunch today.

A trip to the cinema with Lee and then out to dinner, like a date!

Going to Ikea this very evening with Catherine and finding loads of Christmas leftover bargains.

And yay, I have a week off work! For nothing special, just to hang out, sew, kick back and relax. Amongst other things, I plan to:

meet Jo for lunch tomorrow and hopefully spend some more time with her this week as I do so miss seeing her more often.

Go to the Sith cafe along the road to see about maybe learning gaelic and use their wifi.

Go to the hospital for an ECG to reassure me that my heart is not knackered (nothing to worry about, honest).

Go and see my old boss to see if there is any craft-business crossover benefits for either of us.

Possibly go on a charity shop tour of Ayrshire with Tracey.

Visit my aunt and uncle in Ayrshire.

Go to Edinburgh with Marceline to have a wander round and eat sausages at Monster Mash.

Oh, and sew all the stuff for that huge order I mentioned. Maybe a week’s not long enough.

Now I am off to watch a movie before bedtime. Is it just me or is no one blogging just now? Blog more! Go on!


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