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They’ve banned Slade in the office


It’s Chrisssssssssssssssssstmaaaaaaaaaaaas! 

Well, it’s Christmas Eve at least.  How exciting!  But where did this year go?  I have a whole other blog post about that coming soon but in the mean time, I am here to wish peace on earth and good presents to all men.

Or at least I would be if I didn’t have to go to bloody work in a couple of hours to subtitle episodes of Top Of The Pops 2 that about 3 people are going to watch on Boxing Day.  After that, peace on earth, etc.

It’s been strange over the last couple of days to be able to sit down and just…well, not be sewing.  It’s literally been months since that happened and it’s a bit weird.  I was glad the other day to have to sew a last minute order, just something small, which is a bit insane given my right arm is aching.  But there we are.

I am all ready now for Christmas – presents are wrapped and under the tree, the grocery shopping is done for the next week, the stew is going on in a minute (I will explain about Lennon stew one day soon) and we’re ready to go to my brother’s tomorrow for dinner (I hope Aleks is making pierogi).

I’ve been preparing for the festivities this morning by having my eyelashes dyed and my eyebrows waxed at the worst named beauty parlour in Glasgow – Partick-U-Lar Cutz ‘N’ Beauty (it’s in Partick, of course). In a room probably not much bigger than your living room were 18 people having various things done to them, all through a haze of hairspray with radio One blaring at ear-splitting volume. 

I was the “lucky” one as I got to lie down in the room out the back to be tended to.  After the girl layered about 18 inches of Vaseline on my face and did the dye bit, she left me with a wet towel on my eyes with a pan pipes moods CD at concert hall volume to “relax” me. If it wasn’t so cheap, I wouldn’t bother!  Anyway, the finished article is really good, so I am pleased.

Right, now off to do some cooking, play with Lee as he’s sitting next to me like an excited child singing along to Christmas songs on TV and then get to work.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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