Random Utterings

Guess what i saw today?? Two dwarves! TWO OF THEM!!

Gosh, it really has been a long time since I blogged properly.  Sorry!  I have been SO busy tho it’s not funny.  The highlights have been:

Having a great weekend at the Vintage Fair in Newcastle last weekend. We sold out of lots of things and had a great curry into the bargain.

Finishing my subtitler training – I am now officialy a subtitler proper.  Hurrah!

Getting this baby!


Isn’t it beautiful?! It’s teeny-toty but perfectly formed and the best bit so far is that one of my neighbour’s has an unpassworded wireless connection – whoop!

It is, of course, the busiest time of the year for us crafters – I have literally not had a spare moment for weeks now.  This weekend is no different of course – cancer tomorrow, vege-lesbians on Sunday.  That is a Marie Curie benefit shopping lunch tomorrow and the Glasgow Craft Mafia market at Mono on Sunday, which I’d forgotten all about until Tracey reminded me the other day.

In other news – umm, that’s about it.  I must get back to the sewing now!  If you’re a fellow crafter off to market this weekend – good luck!


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