Random Utterings

I don’t know everything. I’m not Gandhi

 Sorry about that, another unscheduled break.  I really don’t have time to blog as I am up to my eyeballs in everything right now, but I felt I must as it has been An Age and people are complaining (well, Lee and Marceline are at least!).  Above, some works completed recently to account for my absence from blogsville.

Things have gone a bit mental over the last week or so on the Miso Funky front, probably thanks to Marceline’s amazing overhaul of the shop which has resulted in a slew of orders and some wholesale orders and enquiries from several shops, all in such a short space of time.  That on top of 2 craft markets coming up this weekend means I am sewing like a demon trying to get enough stock together to satisfy demand.  I am not complaining, it is a nice problem to have!

If only real life didn’t get in the way, i.e. the periscopes.  Mr Ed, the boss, once again asked me to stay forever last week but I had to explain gently to him that the subtitlers were paying almost double what he could and that they don’t go in much for whistling in their offices AND it doesn’t smell like week-old greasy overalls in there so there wasn’t much he could do to persuade me to stay.  I will be sad to leave them though as I have had a lot more fun than I ever thought possible to have in a periscope factory, even if I do spend a large part of my time wanting to stab Shouting Man who works just behind me.  Shouting Man’s friend, Odd Shaped Nose Man (who’s nose looks just like Jodie Marsh’s) told me that I had very shiny hair the other day – he almost swung it for me to stay, but the whistling soon made me forget that again.

In other news, Catherine has finally opened her shop – hurrah!  I am very excited for her as it’s been a long time coming and the stuff she has on the site is quite fantastic.  You should get thyselves over there now for a look by clicking right here.  There’s 10% off just now for special opening celebration and loads of wonderful things to choose from.  Go see!

Finally, I must set aside some time to get on with mine and Mar-c’s exciting new top-secret (for the moment) project as she has been very busy concocting amazing things and I have been busy sewing.  More on that when we are a bit further along.  Now I return to the tea towels.


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