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The problem with working with kids is that you end up with nits

How time flies when you are sitting in your pants watching Cash In The Attic!  Still no sign of a job, altho I did learn yesterday that I have passed my first assessment on the path to becoming a Subtitler.  Stage 2 is 2 weeks today, so I really need something temporary in the meantime.  I am now registered with what feels like every single employment agency in Glasgow but still to no avail.  It’s most frustrating.

On the luggage front, it has arrived in Glasgow, but they now need £60 from me for customs and “handling” charges – “handling”?!?!  I already paid them £200 for that!  I am NOT amused.  I don’t have the cash, so they will have to languish there until either I get a job or the over 200 lots I have listed on Ebay sell.

In other news, me, Lee and Martin went to the pub quiz at the place downstairs from us on Sunday nite and won! Hurrah!  If we can only do that for the next 2 weeks, I can get my bags and finally have something decent to wear (I hope – I can barely remember what is in the bags).

Back to the Ebay listing now and it’s time for Sun, Sea and Bargain Hunting with Angela Rippon – rock and roll!


3 thoughts on “The problem with working with kids is that you end up with nits”

  1. life rocks being a bum eh? Well done on the pub quiz, nearest ive come is second 😦 no free beer for me that night

  2. Angela Rippon rocks – though have you noticed she is always on the move while presenting? She does the titles and walks along – so much so on the one I watched in hospital I was hoping that she would fall into the sea which was perilously close!

  3. She was on a scooter today – yeah, she is always on the go!

    I am getting tired of not working, never thought I’d say that! Only been 2 weeks. Bahhh

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