Random Utterings

Wind your neck in, cunto

Day 5 of luggage watch and apparently they are on their way!  I would be slightly more joyful about this if I was certain they were coming to Glasgow, but BA Cargo at Glasgow told me this morning they are currently en route to London with no forwarding after that.  So I called the baggage lady who told me that she had just entered the forwarding from London to Glasgow and that I should check with them on Sunday/Monday as they should be at Glasgow.  Guhhhh.  Fingers crossed!

In other news, baby McChesney is here!  How delightful – they named him Aidan and he looks like quite a guy.  Congratumalations guys!

Yesterday afternoon, I spent chatting to TV’s Lowri Turner about emo-broidery which was quite exciting.  The robot lovers are going to be in the Mail on Sunday apparently, so watch out for that.  I have been sewing loads over the past few days as it’s now July and the c-word is not a million miles away. 

Today is Lee’s birthday, hurrah!  I have still got presents to wrap and am waiting on his birthday cake baking as I type.  I am quite the little housewife today.  I also have to get going on the ebay listing, so I should push off now and do all that.


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